To late

When you finally wake up you realized that I’m gone and now you wondering how could this had happen. In a blink of an eye everything has changed and you wondering why you didn’t listen and be the best that she wanted you to be. She wasn’t asking for much just for understanding and love that she deserve you realize that now but it’s too late. Days and month pass and you can’t believe how empty you feel because you couldn’t do what was right you was given three chances but of course you thought it was a game but now you see yourself incomplete and want her back. She got tired of the merry-go-round as it was a game that was to insane for me tired of being dizzy so now the ride is done and you still there looking and wondering what happen. Life happen and I woke up and realize that this is not what I want or need. If life is going to be a circus guess what my friend I’m going to be the ringmaster of my life and when it’s time to end and the show is over you got your pink slip keep moving as this job is done and there are no openings that your qualify for.


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