Train story

New York trains are filled with so many interesting people and adventures. Very rare will you have a dull moment. For your fare you will have a fashion show, talent shows, someone praying for your soul and snacks being sold what more can you ask for. There are varieties of music playing and someone singing or trying, gum popping, finger snapping and stories all around you some shocking and others funny but truly an amazing trip. This morning I heard these teenagers exchanging stories about being on the run and having been taser before and how it hurts. My mind goes like wow what’s going on here. One talks about the fight he had where he stomp the other guy face almost off with his Military style shoes and I look and say to myself what future do they have. The other saying he running out of places to hide in Brooklyn. The only sensible the thing that came out was the one that had mentioned fighting told the other turn yourself in as the more you run the worse it is and to try to get yourself together as there nothing on these streets. Yes a piece of wisdom came out hoping that he listen to himself and his friend wakes up before its to late and another parent has to be dealing with a loss of a child to the streets. Oh the subway filled with such diverse topics and people. The next topic was travel two women discuss their visit to China and was both surprise about Shanghai how it’s not a place you would want to go to. Found this interesting and started to wonder if its called shanghai because of its meaning as that a place of fights and high crime. According to one lady three weeks was way to long there especially after she got sick. Visiting the world is wonderful but being sick in a foreign land is terrifying as just trying to communicate and hoping their medicine agree with your body. Well that was my morning train ride that it inspire me to write this pieces I must say most of my inspiration comes on these trains not sure what it is that do it but it does. 🙂


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