Do good at all times as you don’t want to reap a bad seed. As we know weeds can be very hard to get rid of so don’t even allow them to enter your beautiful garden on love and hope. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Karma

    • I use to work in one of tallest building in NYC called Tower One of the World Trade Center I thank God that I am here but loss several friends and coworkers on September 11th a day I would never forget. Do I believe more destruction will come to us yes I do. Does it have to do with Karma I will say will be due to that and others will be for the disobedience that we have shown to God’s holy word. We can not just pray in times of trouble but we need to pray and be thankful everyday that will make a difference having a humble heart and soul is what he is looking for as it can all be taking away in a moment.

      • Of course it will never be the fault of the 19 people who stole airplanes and used them to take the lives of thousands. No, always blame the victims. That’s a sure bet.

  1. There are evil people all around us and they are to blame as the death of precious people on sept 11 is that a comparison of karma as that was just pure evil and is unforgivable. It’s a part of my life every day. Knowing that this can happen again living daily but still having a little fear is what we have now learned to live with.

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