He is the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. Our life is a journey that starts from our first breathe that signals that we start our adventure throughout this world. Some journeys will last longer than others but along the route you have encounter others that have impacted you in some form or fashion either good or bad. Many times we run into several forks in the road where we need to make decisions and hope we take the right way. Either path will lead us to situation that we will gain knowledge from. Some paths will be pleasant and others will make us run screaming to get away. Some will be filled of sunshine and others full of gloom but you have to keep traveling through. As with each beginning there comes an end and this is one path that’s inescapable and we have to face alone you can’t run and hide from it. We are born and then we die hopefully not by the hands of others but by our Heavenly Father rocking us to eternal


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