Parent’s emotion

As a parent we always want the best for our children at least we should and there are times due to emotions we may not be able to look beyond what is reality versus what we made up in our heads. However as our children get older and make decisions we have to find away to step back and allow them to make their decision and even if its not the ones we choose we have to be there to support them through it all. Right now I’m faced with my son wanting to join the marines since they came to his school. Emotionally everything says no not my baby going out to war but trying to be supportive isn’t easy as I believe in supporting positive decisions that my children have. I know we need the military to protect us but right now I feel not my son as he’s smart and can go to college and get a career. Not to say those who cant figure what they want out of life should go to the military but I do feel it benefit them more. Just so hate the whole war issue even though being part of 9/11 it’s clear that war is right here in NYC and in America at any time or place if terrorist are not caught in time. All I can do is pray that the right decision will be made as if its my son destiny to go then I have to learn to accept the things I can’t change.


2 thoughts on “Parent’s emotion

  1. It’s very difficult to accept when your child might be put in harms way, on purpose. However, the motive to be of service is a deeply honorable one. I don’t think war solves anything, and it can even amplify international problems that build over generations. However, I still respect those who choose to perform this kind of service. They are acting with the best intentions.

    • I do give thanks for all of them serving our country as its necessary but just don’t feel it right for my son. I told him to try college first and if you find this is truly not for you then I will take you personally there. What gets me is the recruiter talks about the 3k a month and traveling but what about being out into combat even though you sign up for no combat duties. Since 9/11 everything change and the chance of being sent to a war is higher than ever before.

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