We heard about fate and we often wonder how true it really is. Is everything truly design in a certain way? Can we change it or just deal with it as it come either good or bad? Many times in life we are faced with decisions and after we make then we have to deal with the consequence and stop and think what if I choose the other path would it have been better for me. Perhaps you just wasn’t well equip for that way at the moment and that’s why fate had it that you took the other path way. However, if something is for you I do believe you will receive it even if it means waiting five, ten or twenty years later. God knows what’s best for us and we just have to trust that where we are right now is where we need to be as he will guide and help us through as long as we believe and trust him. Even as we believe and trust we still wonder if things are the way it suppose to be did that person in your life just return after all these years are they part of the plan is it what was destine from day one and if this is true that would mean there is a cycle that will turn and then return so you will be given a second chance. How many times we say what if and now if what if presents its self what do we do now. Do you go for it or just let it go once again?


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