Tree in shock


My tree outside my room look like its in shock with its mouth open. As we prepare for hurricane Sandy the wind is truly blowing. Hoping everyone remains safe as its kind of concerning as we have wind of 55 mph and Sandy hasn’t come in yet the tides are high and our subway is shut down and manhattan is getting flood already so some of that salt water might take out our subway system it will be interested what happens in the next couple of hours when the hurricane truly hit.


2 thoughts on “Tree in shock

  1. I’m just listening to the president as he is warning everyone that this will be a lonnnnnng sloooooooooow storm. I am used to having quick hurricanes…a few hours of high winds and it’s over. I did not take into account the water surge. I hope and pray it won’t get into your subway system. That is unimaginable.

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