Fix it now

We know that we should eat properly, avoid smoking and excessive drinking and start to exercise and take care of our bodies more, so we will live longer and slow down the process of many disease that are hereditary, but we don’t do it and some may say what is wrong with this picture. You know what is needed but everything else seems to that precedent. The doctors are telling us to change our ways and we hear it but we don’t seem to comprehend. We continue to smoke, take drugs, drink excessively and eat all the wrong foods as if we are invincible. We all can look at ourself and perhaps relate that we are doing something that’s not good for us but we do it any way. We need to learn to avoid problems before they become irreversible and we sit on our hospital beds hoping to turn back time at least for a couple of years, month, days, hours or even seconds. However life don’t work like that we have to try and prevent heartache that can be deter.


2 thoughts on “Fix it now

  1. I agree, but it can be tough to change a lifestyle in this fast-paced world. Hopefully, people will find a way to make it happen, though.

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