Stay alert

The latest news in New Jersey is this man driving around trying to kidnap children it’s crazy. We must tell our children remain alert and don’t talk to strangers and I have to say especially if they are in a vehicle. So far the children have fought back so no victims as of now but you just have to wonder why this is on the raise. This man is probably having problems in his life and feel the need to gain control and kidnapping or sexual assault is his way. When women are rape it’s all about taking away control from them so the suspect can feel that he is in control over her life. We need to help these people who think its ok to destroy these children and women body and self-esteem. There are to many victims that are out there that are hurting and feel as its there fault but its not its the criminal fault and you can get back to where you were before this horrible crime took place it will take time but you can do it. Each day tell yourself that your beautiful and will get stronger and make it through. One day at a time. Pray will strengthen you!


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