I am delivered from my fears as I know who holds my hand. Where there is anger, I am a smile; where there loneliness, I am your friend; where there despair, I am hope. Where there darkness, I am the light that will guide you through. My all and all in every situation all I can say is thank you Lord for being you! Blessing all around in every shape and form all you need to do is open your eyes and ears and you will begin to see your blessing. Ever went to a store and caught a sale that’s a blessing in your finances as you did not have to spend that extra funds. Many may have never thought of that as a blessing but it is. If some one have extra food and give you a piece you just got bless. Blessing are not always the way we picture them but learn to appreciate the little ones so you will be ready for the big one that is coming. Each blessing is preparing you for a bigger one but only if you are appreciative of the little ones.Learn to be humble and grateful and where thanks is due give it freely. You want the blessing but are you ready for it? Until you reach the part of gratitude you will miss out many blessing as they come and go the more thankful the more they will come to you. Sounds like time for a change open up your heart and mind and get ready to go to the next level of greatness.


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