In life we meet several individuals that we enter relationships with and some how they didn’t work out but you stop and there is that piece of that person you carry with you and evening hoping the other person could have that particular charm or personality that sticks with you. Even though you stop and learn to appreciate what you have you also stop and thing about those you let go through out your journey. Could they have had the complete package but you never allow it to transpire because you felt it wasn’t what you like. Perhaps he/she was to tall or short; to skinny or fat didn’t dress to your desire at the time and those little things stop you from seeing a gem that had a little dirt that with some tender care could have shine through. We look back and can’t turn back time but hope that in life we are giving second, third and even tenth chances ๐Ÿ™‚ to hopeful learn from those mistakes and be able to grow and not judge or settle for the wrong thing. While your judging someone your also being judged unfairly. Think about it?


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