Do not alter

It’s not broken and instead of leaving it we try to find a way to alter it into something we think is good. While we are altering if not careful you can end up destroying what was once perfect but you didn’t know how to appreciate it. Many times we are in relationships that are different from what we may have been use to it seems right this time but you notice certain things that you use to do you don’t and we begin to try and change people to what looks familiar but I say stop and think a minute why aren’t you in that relationship you use to be in; perhaps all the things you missed was just an illusion to what was and is good for you. Getting caught up in what’s no important instead of how your being treated, no two people are alike and you shouldn’t dwell on the differences but appreciate what you have. Leave alterations to God as he’s the best fixer there is. 🙂


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