Testing time

Ever feel like your on a merry-go-round that just goes around and never get any where? You focus and try to set a path that you should follow but in the end it’s just seems far to familiar like you been here before. Is this where I belong or is it that I have something more to learn before I can move forward. In life it’s not always what it looks like as some times others seem to be moving so far ahead that you stop and say what about me? What I’m I doing wrong? Everyone goes through a time of hardship where it just seems like the planets are not aligned and that’s the cause for chaos and confusion or perhaps we are all being tested and until you pass that test you can’t move forward to the next level of greatness. Take each situation and learn from it. what could have been done differently? What do I take from this experience hopefully something that would lead to growth in your life. There’s always room for improvement but are you willing to take that challenge?


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