After work time is it really yours?

From day to day we will run into people who will treat you differently from others and make it so obvious that you just wonder why and what’s the motive behind it. What can you do to stop it? You need to take notes and start to monitor and document what leads to this behavior and see if you can pin point logical reasoning. Recently at work this happen to me and another coworker; where everyone was told they could leave early but we never was. It was hard to actually witness this and mgmt not to even respond to us acknowledging this is being done. Oh yes it has been documented on my side and still wondering why. The only thing that comes to mind is the day before after work everyone went for drinks except for me and the coworker as we had work to finish. But is this a good enough reason I think not afterwork gathering should not be mandatory or even affect your way of being treated at work.


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