Don’t give in

Many times you are caught wondering really what should I do about all the chaos around me with the pressure from work and then life just going the way it should have you wondering why me. Then you feel like throwing your hands up and just saying enough is enough you win world I give up. The reality is you can’t give up you just have to adjust and get better. The only way out is death and unless the Lord see it to be that’s not up to you or at least shouldn’t cross your mind. Suicide is the true at of saying you loss the game and now you are that loser. Come what may continue to fight and fight some more will you win all the the time NO but you won’t lose all the time either it’s about building yourself and saying what it takes for me to improve me where I’m I failing and why. Is it lack of effort or just poor strategy on your side. Every problem has a solution are you willing to change for what will equal a more fulfilling life?


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