Your next move

Ever stop and realize how life can be similar to several board games we have played at some part. If you make the wrong move you either lose the game or get sent back to start. This is so true with the decisions we make in life if we are not careful the game can be over permanently and you don’t get that second chance to change your moves. Unlike the video games we play we don’t have unlimited lives or can just hit continue all the time. There are some people who have been bless to go through some major situations and came out alright but this is not always true. If you are one of the lucky ones have you thought about what changes you need to make and have you started them or do you just believe that lightening never strike twice so no need to change your ways. Will sorry to pop your bubble this is not the case with life as death is something we all have to face sooner or later we all hope later but many times it can be later if we make the right choices in life. We have one life to live so let’s be happy in it and not make haste decisions that can destroy us either slowly or one time. Treat life like that rare precious gem, guard it with your life.


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